Methadone addiction and overdose information

Mehtadone Addiction

Due to the chemical properties and abuse potential of methadone, many unsuspecting methadone users become alarmingly addicted. Whether someone is prescribed it to treat chronic pain or is given the drug as a treatment for heroin addiction, methadone addicts often start out on lower doses of the drug and as their tolerance builds they wind up on much higher levels, such as 80 mgs and above.

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Some methadone addicts go on for years taking their daily doses and suffering from the toxic effects of the drug. It doesn't have to be this way. We can help you find a very effective methadone detox facility to help you get off the drug safely and with very limited withdrawal symptoms, if any. The first step for anyone overcoming methadone addiction is to successfully detox from the drug and then move on to a longer-term rehabilitation program.

Methadone Overdose

Methadone pillSymptoms of methadone overdose may include:

- small, pinpoint pupils (black circles in the center of the eyes)
- slow or shallow breathing
- drowsiness
- cool, clammy, or blue skin
- loss of consciousness; coma
- limp muscles

Additional severe side effects can include:

- seizures
- itching
- hives
- rash

Problems can include brain damage or respiratory arrest from lack of breathing.

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