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According to some estimates, there are several hundred thousand people in the United States who take methadone and are therefore in need of an effective methadone detox program. We can help.

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Despite the massive push for people to be placed on methadone as a form of treatment for heroin or other opiate addiction, methadone has proven itself time and again to actually be very deadly. In fact, a recent study showed that 40% of drug-related deaths in one state are attributed to methadone. Many other states have found that methadone is responsible for a large percentage of overdose deaths as well.

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Methadone detoxMany people have been convinced that they cannot completely get off opiates and are placed on a long-term methadone maintenance program. These individuals are started with one dose with the idea of gradually weaning off it over an extended period of time. However, the majority of addicts who are placed on methadone wind up building a tolerance to the drug and their daily dosages increase instead. Your life doesn't have to start every day with taking this deadly drug - we can help you detox from methadone, even high levels, in a quick and safe manner supervised by experienced methadone detox professionals Contact us today.

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